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Fifa 18 Cheats for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Sunday, October 29th, 2017
Learn all the new mechanics of Fifa 18, the secrets, all the achievements/trophies, best players, plays and everything you need to win
fifa 18 ronaldo celebration

Start a new season of the EA Sports football FIFA 17 Hack Origin simulator, discover all the tricks and secrets of the new edition in FIFA 18.

The new dribbles of Fifa 18

We leave you a video with the new dribbles that have been included in Fifa 18 Coin Generator compared to previous versions.

Get Free Envelopes

We leave you a video with a trick to get unique players for free in Ultimate Team.

Dodge Secret the Tornado

There is a dribble that is not listed in the controls of the game, called the Tornado, we leave you a video to see this dribble hidden in Fifa 18 Hack

PS controls:

Keep L1 button + Stick right up + Left right stick / Stick right right

Xbox controls:

Keep RB button + Stick right up + Left right stick / Stick right right

Far Shots Tutorial

We leave you a video tutorial to master the far shots and score incredible goals from outside the area.

Unstoppable Shot

We leave you a tutorial to make unstoppable dragonmanialegendshacked shots unstoppable for the goalkeeper, the important thing is to know well the situation of the goalkeeper and be accurate at the time of giving strength to the ball in the shot, in the video you have all the keys to master it.

Achievements / Trophies FIFA 18

Star pupil – Complete all the daily objectives of a day in FIFA Ultimate Team

Get in the lead in the game – Score a goal with a chopped header

Air attack – Score a goal after a high center.

Climbing in Style – Win a FIFA Ultimate Team Seasonal Division title.

FIFA 18 Trailer

As – Reverses a skill point in Pro Clubs.

Amaga y marca – Score a goal by tricking the goalkeeper with a shotgun.

Weekly goal completed – Complete a weekly goal in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Let’s play a game – Play a game of women’s soccer.

First of the class – Score a goal with a classy shot in a fememino match.

A well-done test – Complete a group of template creation challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.

And what’s left … – Play 20 matches in any FIFA Ultimate Team game mode.

This is just the beginning – Complete and win your first league game in Pro Clubs Seasons.

My only hope – Make a quick substitution after conceding a goal.

Investor – Sells a player and negotiates a benefits clause for a future transfer with the buyer club.

Challenge? What challenge? - Complete the first challenge of creating templates in FIFA Ultimate Team.

You’re good, uncle – Complete a multiplayer skill game.

Multipurpose – Use the 3 styles of play in Club Pro matches.

You will have won this battle … – Win a game in Squad Battles mode by FIFA Ultimate Team.

Skill Test – Challenge Team of the Week and complete a match against him in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Unstoppable – Mark of direct free with the outside of the foot.

There’s a friend in me – Ends a season of Friendlies online.

Under! - Mark with a low shot.

It is not a problem for pressure – Compete with another team for the same player, in the Race mode, and win the negotiation war.

Your own path – Unlock all the features of one of the skill trees.

Sniper – With the ball in play, score a goal from a distance (22.9 meters or more) with a defender.

Master Negotiator – Records a player on the first attempt.

Objective complete – Complete a daily goal in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Self-service – Dribble a rival using an autopase.

Impeccable Victory – Win all 4 matches of a FIFA Ultimate Team FUT Draft session.

Do I give you a little hand? - Score 5 goals in a women’s match.

A checkbook – Buy a player by paying their rescission clause.

Tiki-taka, tiki-taka! - Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the third opponent of the field.

Outstanding – Win a penalty shootout without failing any.

Brilliant – Win the Women’s International Cup.

In perfect harmony – Get a rating of 10 when you associate with your front partner.

Chupac├ímaras – Win a division title in online seasons (must be achieved by playing the matches).

The creator – Complete 20 template creation challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.

King of Cups – Win the EFL Cup in El Camino.

You have read my mind! - Give an assistance with a pass between lines.

The magician – Make 3 passes in lines with success with the same player in the third opponent of the field.

We are in first! - Upgrade to Division 1 in the FIFA Ultimate Team seasons.

A doorman like a cathedral! - Score a goal using a counterattack that starts with a powerful serve with the goalkeeper’s hand.

Go back! - The Way ends.